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If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re trying to find help making Beautiful Hair Bows. 

Maybe you started out looking for a place that sells Hair Bows but were shocked at the prices they charge and decided to do it yourself. 

Did you know you can save between $4.00 - $13.50 for every hair bow you make instead of buy?!?

Maybe you came here because you couldn’t find the instructions you need to create a certain type of bow. 

Maybe you wanted to create an online boutique store on Etsy, and sell hair bows for huge profits!

Maybe it’s because you’re considering Bow Making as a hobby, like thousands of others, but don’t know where to start. 

You may even be here because one of your friends told you about Secrets to Hair Bow Success.

Well look no further…

Whatever your reason for being here, Congratulations – you have just found the Fastest, Easiest, Most Comprehensive and #1 Best Selling Hair Bow Making Course in the world! 

Whether you’re looking for Hair Bows or Decorative Bows or Specialty Bows, or any other style of Bow, you’ll find Everything you Need on Secrets To Hair Bow Success DVD and Manual.


Hello I am Renee D. and I am sending photos of bows I have made thanks to the hair bow courses you provide! I have one daughter who is 10 years old and I can't tell you how much she loves being able to go to school each day with a new hair bow! She loves to express her personality with them! I love how easy it is to make these hair bows with the help of the tutorial DVD!!!

Renee D.

Discover a New Skill – Bow making is a skill that stays with you no matter what!
Great Family Activity – Your family will love spending quality time with you choosing ribbons and embellishments, and discovering how to make their own creations
Inexpensive – In these times of economic uncertainty, cost is important to most families, and this is an activity that costs pennies!
Star of the Neighborhood – We all want our kids to look good, and Hair Bows are an excellent way to give them that extra special touch without spending thousands on clothes!
Home Business – Supplement your family income, and what better way to do it than to discover a skill with low investment and high markup? I know from firsthand experience that It Works!

I just started this about a week ago, i posted some pictures on my Facebook page and already have a few people interested in me making some bows for them. I am looking forward to learning to make a variety of bows and clippies for my sweet little princesses and for others as well.

Deborah L.


That’s a great question, and one I always look forward to answering, because it gives me a chance to boast! 

Let’s face it – Hair Bow Making is complicated, and not easy to learn. 

In fact, the only way to make it easy is to break it down into steps, and Secrets To Hair Bow Success does this in a way that anyone can begin making bows immediately!

Why else would we have OVER 22,000 satisfied hair bow customers?!?

You’re about to get the Most Comprehensive Hair Bow Making course available anywhere. 

In no time at all you’ll be creating Beautiful Hair Bows and Specialty Bows (Bonus!) Quickly and Easily, all without expensive gadgets and gizmos.

Unlike most competitive products you’ll find the Instructions in Secrets To Hair Bow Success crystal clear and the Color Pictures bright, detailed, and easy to follow.

Most Importantly, you’ll get Everything – and I mean Absolutely Everything – you’ll ever Need to Know about Bow making. 

I teach you how to create the 18 Most Popular Hair Bow styles, but I don’t stop there. 

Even if you’re an experienced Bow Maker, as an included bonus, I’ll show you how to quickly create hard to find Specialty designs.

Like Gift Bows, Wedding Bows, Party Bows, Holiday Bows, and Table Decor Bows.

You’ll even know how to make your own for a Tiny Fraction of the price you’d pay if you had to buy them!

Since purchasing the Bow videos I have had so much fun! Now I don't have to worry about spending a fortune buying bows I can just make them myself! I love watching the videos over again. It takes practice but I learn new tricks every time I watch :)

Shannon G 1 Daughter (Gracie, 3 years old)


DVD – Over 2 Hours of non-stop, Detailed Bow making shipped right to your doorstep! See it done right in front of your eyes in real time!

DVD Online Videos - INSTANT ACCESS: Free online members area where we put all the videos on the DVD online so you can have instant access and begin making hair bows immediately!
Manual – INSTANT ACCESS: Our high quality Downloadable manual has 75 pages of Step-By-Step instructions and Hundreds of Very Clear beautiful color photos!

Materials – You’ll discover all about different kinds of materials you’ll need to make the Most Popular and Beautiful Hair Bows and Specialty Bows
Then I’ll show you how to get them for almost nothing, both online and in a store. I’ll even give you little known tips and secrets on how best to use them that you can’t find anywhere else!

+ Ribbons – I’ll explain the best types of ribbon to use for each bow and the widths that will work best.
Hair Bow Making – The next thing you’ll discover is how to make the 18Most Popular types of hair bows for beginners including Boutique, Butterfly, Pinwheel, Korker, Flower, Loopy, Trendy Clips, and Much More.
If there’s a style you want to discover, it’s here! Each bow has its own section, chock full of tips like how to avoid buying expensive sealers, how to get your loops perfect every time, and how to stop problems like color bleeding.
Decorative Bow (Bonus Section)– Now for the huge money savers! We’ll go through every step of that expensive style Bows people spend tons of money on each holiday season.
Specialty Bows (Bonus Section)– These are those bows for special occasions, like Gift Bows, Wedding Bows, Party Bows, and Table Décor Bows.
In this section you’ll even discover a few things you wouldn’t expect to find in a Hair Bow Making Manual, like how to make braided headbands, and stretchy headbands for infants and toddlers!
Hundreds of Color Photos – forget about squinting and trying to figure out what goes where like those other guides…with Secrets To Hair Bow Success you’ll be able to see every step of every single bow in easy-to-see living color.

Hello! These are just a few of the ones I have made.I had never even dreamed of making a hair bow until my granddaughter wanted to wear them all the time. It's fun and easy with the hair bows you have. Thanks!

Thanks, Janice G.


That’s more than you’ll find in most guides to bow making, but believe it or not that’s just the beginning of what you’ll discover in Secrets To Hair Bow Success DVD and Manual!

How do I make even loops on my bows every time?
(So you can have beautiful symmetrical bows.)

How do I make my hair bows beautiful and unique?...
(This way your daughter stands out, and you get complimented.)
Do I need any type of bow making device?
(Answer: NO!)
How do I keep my bow ends from fraying?...
(There is nothing worse than making a beautiful bow and it start fraying apart.)
+ Three types of knots for the center of your hair bow...
(This is important for uniqueness to each and every bow.)
How can I layer my bows to create full, fluffy, perky, and beautiful bows?...
(This is a great way to really spice up your bows.)
What sizes and lengths of ribbon do I need for various bows?...
(So you can make the perfect bows every time.)
What type of ribbon should I use for each style bow?...
(Having the right type of ribbon allows you to make each bow with precision.)
How do I make perfect sprays/spikes for my hair bows?...
(Because ugly and uneven sprays/spikes can really take away from a beautiful bow)


How to get perfect angles for your bows and sprays
How to make the perfect crease every time
The best hair clips to use for your hair bows
Special ways to hold your bow in place while you’re working
Special techniques to easily sew the center of your bow in a straight line
A simple way to make your loops the same size every time
The best glue to use for a secure hold and manageability
Where to buy inexpensive ribbon
How to make korker ribbon easily
How to make your own templates for perfect hair bows (makes twisted boutique bows a breeze!)

Secrets To Hair Bow Success is the Fastest, Easiest, Most Comprehensive Expert Bow Making course anywhere! 

It takes a complicated art and makes it so simple that even kids can discover how to make Perfect Hair Bows every time. 

You’ll be thrilled you took the first step to the wonderful and fulfilling art of Making Hair Bows.

You will not find a better, easier, and more complete Hair Bow Making Guide anywhere, on or off the internet! 

Similar products could sell for up to $60+, and they don’t even come close to the Treasure Trove of information you’ll find in Secrets To Hair Bow Success manual and DVD! 

Sure, I could charge a fortune, but I’d much rather charge less and have you tell your friends and neighbors about the Amazing Deal you got!

So you’ll get everything you need to make Perfect Hair Bows for this ONE TIME OFFER price of…

If you want to make gorgeous bows, then this course is exactly what you need. Best money I ever spent!!

Pam J

This is by far the best Course available out there!!! Don't waste your money on any other product out there!! This is by far the Best there is!!!!!!!!



Volumes 1-4

Deciding What Types Of products To Create
Pricing Your Products For Maximum Profits
Selling Your Products
Recommended Resources
...And A Lot More

You will love learning how to make these beautiful braided headbands. Add a bow and you're ready to go!

Also, I've included instructions to make simple elastic headbands you can clip a bow on!

Want to save over $10.00 per bow for your parties, holidays, weddings, and celebrations?

Learn how to make:

Decorative Bows
Gift Bows
Wedding Bows
Party Bows, and
Table Décor Bows



Keep in mind that this Super Special Discounted price is a One Time Offer for TODAY ONLY.

If you click off this site you will Never see this offer again!

Here's a rundown of what you get when you order right now:

"Secrets to Hair Bow Success" Step-by-Step DVD
"Secrets to Hair Bow Success" Step-by-Step Instructions
Instant Access to Members Area, that includes Complete DVD Video Online Course and Complete Downloadable Manual
BONUS 1: "Profitable Crafts" eBook

BONUS 2: Braided Headbands Instructions eBook
BONUS 3: Decorative Bow Instructions eBook


Remember this Super Special Discount is a One Time Offer for TODAY only – if you decide not to take advantage you’ll have missed your chance.

Don’t let that happen to you. Try it out now!!

Yes, Please Send Me The Entire Secrets To Hair Bow Success Course Now!

I Want This Immediately Before The Price Goes Up!

I understand I'll be receiving the entire Secrets To Hair Bow Success Course for a tiny one-time payment of just $67.00, $47.00, $37.00,
Only $27
when I act now!

I also realize I have nothing left to lose, since you're generous enough to offer me a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee if I am not able to start making my own beautiful hair bows Immediately!!!

Join OVER 22,000 Satisfied Hair Bow Customers And Get Complete INSTANT ACCESS To The Full "Secrets To Hair Bow Success Course”
Easy Step-By-Step Instructions To Making 1000’s Of Designs

These girls do an amazing job. They are so creative and explain every detail there is for all their bows. I most definitely do not regret purchasing the bow course. I loved it very much and I have been getting many compliments on my bows, even though I just started making them. :)

Maria A.



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